How to Use Photoshop Action: Reshape Your Editing

Photoshop Action

Photoshop is a wonderful tool you can use to create, edit and enhance an image in every possible way. Changing the background, alternative views, stimulation of a painting they are all part of this beautiful editing tool.

Here at Clipping Path, we offer a lot of services for photo editing. What better way to get the perfect editing done than to use highly professional Photoshop experts from us?

Photoshop Action is one of the fun way to make your edits look cooler in Photoshop. These actions will save your time and make your edits look more professional. It’s an easy solution to all your problems. So, why should you miss out on them, right?

As all our designers are quite tech-savvy, we wanted to share our insights on Photoshop actions. We will cover everything you need to know about them – from downloading to installing them and finally using them!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Photoshop Action: What Is It Really?

Many people seem to confuse Photoshop plugins with Photoshop action. However, they both are totally different.

These actions can be better described as a series of commands. You will be able to record these series and then save it to apply later on other files. You will find many online free and premium sources for them. However, you can also create them on your own and use it later.

These actions are made to save you a lot of time while you are editing a new photo. It would be most helpful when you need a same kind of edit for a series of photos. All you need to do is save the first edits and then apply them to the rest, and you’re done!

On the other hand, you should know that these actions can differ from photo to photo based on the resolution and size.

Adobe will teach you how to create your very own actions in its helps page.


Who will be using them?

Anyone can use these actions; you don’t have to have any special access to create them. Anyone who wants to edit some photos or is willing to learn more about Photoshop can use them.

You can start by building your own or download and install one from the web. Many professional developers now create exciting and lucrative actions and upload them. Some actions are free, while others are not.

Your easiest option would be to learn how to install an already existing action and apply it. But if you are developer its best to create your own for better quality.

How Can You Install Them?

Most of the common users find actions suitable for them and install that to get a particular effect. You can think of them as filters of some sort. These actions would let you edit an image in a fashionable way that you may not have any skill for.

You can add other finishing touches if you want to mix it up a bit!

However, to do that, you would need to know how to install them in the first place.

Just follow the steps below, and you’ll be able to apply action in no time.

Step-1: First of all, you need to download the desired action palate. It will most likely download as a zip folder. Next, unzip it to access the action file.

Step-2: Open Photoshop and then navigate to the “Window” panel. You will find a “Actions” option there. Click on it to open the Action Panel.

Step-3: Go to Menu, and then you need to select Load Actions. It will open a window, from where you can navigate to the unzipped action file. Now select it. An action file will contain .atn as an extension. So, don’t confuse it with other files.

The action will get automatically installed. Now you can use it as many times as you like.


How to Use Photoshop Actions

Now that you have downloaded and installed the action on Photoshop, you can use it to have special effects on your images. To “run” an action you will need to follow some simple steps. These are:

Step-1: The Actions Panel will contain all the actions you have installed. So, first go to the action panel and find the Photoshop action you want to use.

Step-2: Next, you will see a triangle in the then left corner of the action panel. Click it, and it will expand. You will see different options there.

Step-3: Click on the action you want and then select the option “Play.” This button will be located at the bottom of the panel.

Now you will see the magic happen. The image you want to edit will automatically change into the new look.


5 Free Actions You Can Try Out

You will get an enormous collection of free Photoshop actions from different designs community. They require no cost, and you can download them easily. Take a look at this list to see some of the best free actions to try out.

1. Reflections

Photoshop action


It contains nine different reflection designs for you to try out. The Water reflection creates a water effect. Classic reflection will generate the photo from three angles.

They have two Wall Corner actions that use side view reflection. The six folds create a folding type image. And the Triptych makes any photo into a Triptych.


2. Vectorize action

Vectorize action

It’s kind of a cartoon type effect. It will use different filters and blurs, adjust colors to create this vectorized look. However, you need to make some change manually to make it seem even more perfect.

3. Break of Day

Break of Day

Gives an old rusty look to any kind of image. Using a square-shaped photo for this one would be perfect. However, if you use any other shapes, you would need to resize the top layer to lower the amount of gradient.

4. Pen Sketch


Pen Sketch


Creates a beautiful pen sketch theme. Looks more realistic than original pen sketches. But to get the overall after effect, you need to follow some certain rules.

5. Vintage 


Vintage Action

It filters the image and gives it a vintage look. It changes some contrasts, brightness, and colors to get the result.

Premium Actions

Premium actions are not free. You’ll have to buy Photoshop actions to use them. Usually, the highest quality level of actions are premium, and they give a lot of new designs to try out. Some actions require paid subscriptions, and some have a specific rate.

1. Dust



The dust action creates a dusty feel of colors in an image. The item is not free and requires a particular subscription to unlock. The actions seem to be working on CC, CS (3-6), and many more.

2. CineStock



Want to get a more cinematic feel? Then CineStock might be the best deal here. Cinestock is a set of 18 different filter designs. Every single one of them looks absolutely stunning. The actions use saturation adjustments, tonal adjustments, and dramatic look effects.

The best thing about this action is that it won’t destroy your original image like many others. You can restore your original image right when you like.

3. Burn 2 

Burn 2

It will create a burning type image. But you would need to add a line where the flaming effect needs to take place. It uses smoke, flames, and different glowing particles to finish the look. You will also be able to adjust the colors of the fire.

4. Black White


Black White

A wide range of black and white filters are available here. You will be able to create a two-part image where one would be colored, and the other would be black and white.

5. Cloud




Creates a cloud effect. But it’s only available in CS6+.

Editing images without any training seems like a tough job. But these actions can surely make you seem like an expert in no time. Use it to impress other or create entirely new actions. Enhance your creativity all the way.


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